Pup’s been missing for 2 years, but watch when he finally hears his owner’s voice again

Losing your pet, it’s something you wish would never happen to you. For Bosco’s owner, however, his worst nightmares became true when Bosco, a beagle mix, got out of the yard and lost his way home.

Bosco was all alone and scared for 764 days. Bosco would wait at local restaurants and for food scraps in the garbage in order to eat enough food to survive. Many of these lost dogs never see their owners again, but Bosco’s story was far from over…

Nearly two years later, Bosco was hunting for dog food and was surprised that he found himself trapped in a cage with no way of escaping!

Luckily, these humans weren’t looking to hurt Bosco. In fact, these humans did some research and find out that Bosco’s original owner had moved away so they arranged a video call so that Bosco could reunite with his owner online. The in person reunion hasn’t happened yet, but we are just so happy that Bosco is now safe and sound after all this time. Check out a video of the online reunion below and let us know what you think!